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About Us

The natural fit for brands hell-bent on upsetting the applecart.

SRW, named for its founders Charlie Stone, Brian Rolling and Kate Weidner, is an independent, full-service agency with a penchant for growing natural health and wellness brands. Our team of strategists, analysts and creatives specializes in creating, growing and converting communities. Be it through eye-catching packaging or the social post that stops you in your tracks, we help brands catch fire.

Our Founding Fathers and Mother

Charlie Stone

Storyteller, entrepreneur and consummate idea guy. Charlie’s a video pioneer who was making content marketing before it was a thing. Above all, he knows how to bring clients’ goals and visions to life.

Brian Rolling

Award-winning filmmaker, builds digital communities through original content. Lends an artful eye to everything SRW creates. Mines and manages our network of creative talent.

Kate Weidner

Media-trained journalist, puts a past life in TV production to good use for brands. Helps partners pitch, create and distribute impactful stories. Aim is always to move people to act…and do it fast.

The hooligans are but a phone call away.

Well, not a phone call, this isn’t the 70’s. Shoot us an email, people. Contact Us