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Media Planning for the New World

Amazon content. Instacart advertising. TikTok campaigns. The new world is here, and retail behaviors have shifted forever. The playbook for getting noticed and driving sales is out the window, and SRW is a driving force in rewriting it for the natural foods world. 

In addition to helping our brands further their awareness and sales through search and social, SRW has proactively turned our partners’ gaze toward all forms of e-commerce, and emerging social media platforms. Our content and media planning includes:

  • Amazon A+ content 
  • Amazon ads 
  • Instacart Advertising 
  • Online grocery through retail partners 
  • Native Advertising
  • Google Ads
    • YouTube 
    • Search 
    • Display (Prospecting, Retargeting) 
  • Paid Social
    • Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Sponsored Pinterest Pins 
    • Promoted Tweets 
    • LinkedIn Campaigns 
    • TikTok Advertising

The hooligans are but a phone call away.

Well, not a phone call, this isn’t the 70’s. Shoot us an email, people. Contact Us