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Phyter Bar
Case Study

Phyter Bar

Packaging Redesign

Phyter bar was a delicious plant-based treat with unfortunate branding when they met SRW. They’d been told by retailers that their logo and packaging were “too masculine” or even *gasp!* ugly. We hit the ground running to soften their image and launch their new brand to the real food world.

We started with their logo and packaging, then introduced them to the world.

Spiffy new packaging isn’t enough. We partnered with Phyter every step of the way to make sure potential retailers and consumers knew their new look was ready-to-go.

To spread awareness, we launched a targeted digital media campaign, resulting in:

  • 35,000 new website users
  • 1 million social users reached
  • 5 million display impressions

The hooligans are but a phone call away.

Well, not a phone call, this isn’t the 70’s. Shoot us an email, people. Contact Us