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2022: A year in review at SRW

December 22, 2022

My name is Skelly, the resident Hooligan mascot.  At 12 feet tall, I am in a perfect position to observe all that occurs in Hoolieville.

Looking back on 2022, there’s certainly plenty to be thankful for. There was St. Pappy’s Day, Hoolies Help the Community Day, a gross overspend on in-office lunches, our voter registration drive, the Mystical Hooligan Summerish Hootenanny, a highly competitive and delicious chili cookoff, wellness workshops galore, a return to expos, and some downright impressive campaigns.

Between all the laughs and show-stopping work, there was always gratitude. For a group of Hooligans who, you know, actually like each other, the return to office was pivotal. SRW relies on an atmosphere of creativity and culture, so gathering again on Randolph St. and SRW West’s Pearl St. location has brought so much joy. 

In case you haven’t been reading the news, inflation is high. I’m incredibly proud of the agency for helping our partners maintain sales and profit margins nonetheless. With the 2023 economy and all of its uncertainties looming, the fact that our partners continue to lean on us for advice through high tide and low is a testament to our incredible partner relationships. 

Despite economic conditions, SRW has stayed true to our culture of curiosity. Who could have predicted the rise of TikTok two years ago? Probably Meli. Besides that, the ever-changing media landscape didn’t phase us. The Hoolies stayed true to what we do best: great storytelling that taps into the right audience, at the right time, to create a sale, no matter the platform. This tenacity for continual learning will propel us into 2023. And activations like Operation #TootTok

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some 2022 work highlights. I polled the team and here are some honorable mentions:

  • The Perfect Snacks influencer campaign with soccer superstar Sydney LeRoux.
  • Brazi Bites’ “Small Bites, Big World” campaign celebrating Brazilian culture with authentic recipes, Brazilian influencers, a Google Maps interaction, and a big ol’ giveaway.
  • The LAUNCH of the entire Greater Goods Snacking Co. brand.
  • The aforementioned #TootTok campaign in partnership with Catalina Crunch.
  • Supporting a world-altering project like Natural Prairie Dairy’s rollout of the Varcor.
  • Stunning photoshoots for our friends at PANOS Brands
  • Befriending Good Culture fan Kristen Bell and helping facilitate her investment in the greatest cottage cheese on the planet(s).
  • Taking home not one but TWO MarCom Awards in different disciplines (influencer marketing and PR). 
  • Receiving Naturally Boulder’s Service Provider of the Year Award.
  • Our CEO and head mom-in-charge, Kate, was named to the Chicago Business Journal’s Women of Influence list. While on maternity leave! 

And that’s just the highlight reel. Now more than ever, consumers have heightened awareness around their health, which is good news for our friends in the better-for-you market as 2023 rolls around the corner. Obviously, I wish I had taken better care of myself because I have no skin in the game now. 

But when I reflect on the year, the word that comes to mind is blessed. I am blessed to be so tall and watch the Hooligans do great work with great people who also really like having fun. I want tibia honest – I like being a Hooligan, a lot.

Yours, from the bottom of my 206 bones,