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5 Takeaways from the 2018 Chicago Digital Summit: OMG KPI Podcast Episode 1

November 05, 2018

Steve Eanet and Ketty Colom are the people’s analysts. The dynamic duo and self-proclaimed nerds from SRW’s Paid Media Team are here to hit you with updates, trends, and tips that should be top of mind for digital marketers – and they’re here to do it in terms you can understand.  Got twenty minutes to make your marketing better? Sure you do. In their inaugural episode, Ketty and Steve recap the 2018 Chicago Digital Summit.

Topics covered include:

  1. How advertisers can differentiate themselves in a time when technology has leveled the playing field.
  2. How to adopt “convergence” and avoid silos between your digital marketing channels/platforms/teams.
  3. How we can sift through data without getting overwhelmed and still find meaningful conclusions.
  4. How marketers can use (and are already using) gamification as a way to stand out and create engaging experiences for consumers.
  5. How to use the Core Model approach to build better websites and user experiences.


Full episode here:


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