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An agency for clients who make the world better

April 22, 2021

A core value of SRW agency is that we care – about each other, about the work, and about the world around us. As you might imagine, so do our clients, so this Earth Day felt like a fitting time to shine a light on a few of our partners and the ways they’re working to “Restore Our Earth.” 

Good Culture

B-Corp certified premium cultured dairy brand, Good Culture, is a major advocate for regenerative agriculture. So much so that they’ve partnered with Dairy Farmers of America to create the Path to Pasture program that educates farmers on regenerative, sustainable agriculture practices and allows them access to the tools they need to implement these practices. 

Good Culture also works with Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to regenerative agriculture, to provide scholarships for soil health training and testing. For each cup of Good Culture that’s sold, 1% of sales goes to transitioning conventional farms to regenerative agriculture practices. 


REBBL, a delicious, plant-based beverage company, has taken a stand for the good of the planet and its people since the start. Co-founded by anti-human-trafficking organization, Not For Sale, REBBL seeks to leverage their supply system to help create a future without human trafficking by addressing it at two of its root causes: economic instability and climate change. 

This certified B-Corp is a long-time supporter of The Climate Collaborative, a program dedicated to helping companies take meaningful steps to reverse climate change, and is committed to making progress in 6 of the 9 of possible commitment areas:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Deforestation
  • Food Waste
  • Policy Engagement

Additionally, REBBL has become one of the very first brands in the industry to use 100% recycled (and 100% recyclable) plastic bottles. Working with a team of environmental and packaging design experts, their new Green Packaging Initiative converts used plastic into 12 ounce plastic bottles, conserving resources, reduces landfill, and capitalizes on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products.

No Evil Foods 

For No Evil Foods, a socially conscious plant-based meat company, doing no evil goes far beyond the kitchen. Buying No Evil Foods’ products means reducing your impact on carbon emissions, water consumption, land loss, and animal welfare. They loudly and proudly support a number of causes that other brands tend to shy away from addressing, such as racial and social injustice. No Evil Foods supports it’s simple mission of “People, Planet, and Animals” in these ways:

  • Eco-Packaging – No Evil Foods uses unbleached kraft cartons that are fully home-compostable. Even their ink and adhesives are plant-based! 
  • Planet-Focused Charities – In the spirit of leaving the planet better than we found it, No Evil Foods is involved with a number of charities that align with their values, supporting them with their money, participation, and practices. 
  • Plastic Negative Footprint – For every pound of plastic No Evil Foods uses, they remove two pounds from natural ecosystems through their partnership with rePurpose Global, becoming the first plant-based meat brand to go plastic negative

Pretty badass, right?

Fifth Season

Vertical Farming might just be the future of agriculture, and Fifth Season, a fresh produce company seeking to bring fresh greens to urban areas, is eager to find out. 

Fifth Season grows their greens in a 25,000 square foot warehouse with stacks of produce towering 30 feet high – that’s equivalent to a 200 acre farm! The produce is managed by over 40 machines to streamline the whole process– from seeding to packaging. 

In using vertical farming, Fifth Season uses 95% less water and 97% less land than traditional farms. Vertical farming also eliminates agricultural runoff, the use of pesticides and herbicides, and limits the amount of fossil fuels used since there is no large farm equipment.


Donald and Cheri De Jong, national agricultural thought leaders and co-founders of AgriVision, recognized the problem with manure lagoons in the agriculture industry; they release harmful gases, contain dangerous pathogens, and can cause pollution to water sources in surrounding communities. In a joint venture with Sedron Technologies, AgriVision developed the Varcor system – a vapor recompression process system that turns manure mixed with water into clean water, organic fertilizer, and aqueous ammonia. The Varcor effectively eliminates the need for manure lagoons and tractors, dump trucks, and fuel used in the handling of the manure. The clean water produced by the system can be used to water their crops, which is then used to feed the cows. While drastically reducing the greenhouse gas emissions farms create, the Varcor also creates a closed-loop farm system. The Varcor will change animal agriculture for the better, forever. 

Working at an agency where you can feel great about what your clients do in the world is a rare opportunity we’re thrilled to have. If you’re looking to do your part to restore the earth this Earth Day, give any of these brands a look, a follow, hey, maybe even a purchase.