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More Time Online? Tackle These Trends and Make the Most of It.

March 12, 2020

In times of crisis, the SRW team is glad to be highly adept at virtual meetings, and general internet usage.

Coronavirus has consumers spending mad time on the couch (surfing the web, buying in bulk and streaming Love Is Blind), so it might just be the best time ever to take advantage of digital trends for your brand. Here are a few to capitalize on as more eyeballs flock to digital channels than ever before. 

Shifting from Public to Private Interactions

It’s not just IRL interactions that are on the decline. We will continue to see a shift away from public interactions to private online. This shift will be seen through private community groups on social platforms and direct conversations on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, etc.

Capitalize on this trend now by testing out advertising in different messaging platforms. And consider cultivating private communities, like Facebook Groups, to generate brand loyalty and trust – plus, foster a sense of community while human interactions are on the decline.

Test and Learn In Trending Media

Less a trend and more a way of life, now is the perfect time to take the budget you had set aside to sample at those cancelled trade shows and events to dabble in new forms of digital. A few hundred dollars investing on Amazon Fire devices? Don’t mind if I do. Been meaning to do some voice ads? Yeah ya have. Get ‘em going. Here are a few great places to start placing bets and establishing baseline CPMs and goals: 

  • Voice 
  • Streaming/Connected TV 
  • Podcast 
  • YouTube Influencer 
  • TikTok

Content By the People, For the People

More people at home means more posts on social media, and likely, more user generated content for your brand. Keep it going by sharing the best posts in your feed and stories. User Generated Content (UGC) typically generates 6.9 times more engagement than brand-created content. 

Of course, UGC isn’t always so heavy on branding, or shot just like you’d like it to be. Put the best of the best in your feed, and kick the rest to stories. The more you share, the more people will post. And as they get a sense for your vibe, they’ll start to create content that fits it. Aim to share no more than 50% UGC in your feed, though, to keep a strong sense of brand filtered throughout. 

In summary, now is a weird time, at best, but great time to make changes and learn more about consumer behavior online. When everything is uncertain, anything is possible – so take a swing, and take advantage of all the added online traffic while it’s here. In the meantime, we’ll catch ya on Zoom conference.