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Simple Mills
Case Study

Simple Mills

Cohesive Cross-Platform Content

When SRW met Simple Mills, it was the beginning of a beautiful (Facebook) friendship. And our work together grew as we fueled brand awareness and company sales soared. The big question we always tackled as a team was: How do we create ownable content, and distribute it cohesively across platforms?

A partnership in every sense of the word.

While our work was rooted in social, it never stopped there. Social media became our launch pad for testing big ideas, which were then actioned through full-scale print, digital, video and experiential campaigns.

Our partnership has helped propel the brand’s impressive trajectory, through:

  • A robust social community of advocates
  • A seemingly unlimited pool of branded content
  • Targeted media campaigns to fuel awareness and sales

The hooligans are but a phone call away.

Well, not a phone call, this isn’t the 70’s. Shoot us an email, people. Contact Us