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The Holy Grail of Winter Must-Haves

January 07, 2021

Winter is here, and the SRW team is preparing for hibernation. We’ve stocked up on all things cozy through the season. If you’re looking for new holy grail products for the cold months of winter, check out a few of our employee’s favorites. 

  1. The Comfy — “If my house was on fire and I could save one item, it might just be The Comfy,” says Becca, PR account executive. We’re not sure if Becca has taken off her Comfy the entirety of quarantine, but we do know we need one in every color. 


  1. Light Therapy Lamp — Sarah S., PR associate account executive says, “The dark mornings sometimes make it tough to get out of bed, so I ordered this light to help mimic natural sunlight to help me feel more awake and fresh in the early AM.” The Happy Natural Light Therapy Lamp makes a great addition to any home office space when the winter blues have you down. 


  1. Waterproof Shoes — “No matter how wet and snowy it gets, your toes will stay extra toasty wearing waterproof timbs,” says Javan, art director. Trendy AND practical. We love a good pair of Timberlands. 


  1. Candles & Moisturizers — Ashley, director of PR says, “My skin has been taking me through the ringer lately, so I’m stocking up on moisturizers from Primally Pure! Also candles… I love scented candles,” Who doesn’t?


  1. Hand Cream — Sarah Y., senior strategist, says, “For dry winters + washing my hands a million times a day = this kick ass hand cream.” Can you ever have too many lotions in the winter? We think not. 


  1. Lip Balm — “The Martha Stewart wine club (huge fan of that lady), a blanket in my car, and Soothing Touch Lemon Cardamom Lip Balm with high doses of vitamin C,” says Christina, community manager. This lip balm is certified vegan and organic, gluten free, cruelty free and paraben free. Christina buys her’s from Whole Foods.


  1. Holiday Mugs — Lila, associate graphic designer, said, “I LOVE LOVE HOLIDAY COFFEE MUGS!!” Same, Lila. Same. Here’s one of our classic favorites from William-Sonoma. 


  1. Warm Socks & Ramen — “Very long, warm socks, tea from David’s Tea, and this miso + a 5lb package of noodles to make ramen all the damn time,” says Nicole, strategy director. They say you are what you eat; we wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole came back to the office as a bowl of ramen. 


  1. Joggers — Mason, strategist, says, “These work from home joggers from Express and elderberry for immune support.” Thank you, Mason, for keeping us stylish and healthy. 


  1. Wine & Hoodies — “Recently joined Winc. Big fan. Also, hoodies. All the hoodies,” said our fearless leader Kate, CEO. Drinking wine while wearing a hoodie – is there any other way to do it?


  1. Last but certainly not least, Anna, communications associate, says, “My dad signed my mom and I up for a puzzle of the month club every season because winter time was always puzzle time at home. He’s done it every year since I made the move to college. My front entryway closet is STACKED.”


Be sure to check out some of SRW’s fave winter products. We promise you won’t be disappointed.