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The problem: 

  • Amplify the launch of Alter Eco’s newest product innovations, Granola and Truffle Thins, at Whole Foods Market, with channels limited by total budget.

The solution: 

  • Activate likely-to-purchase, low-funnel audiences through PR, social and digital media.


  • Best month of sales in company history (March 2022) 
  • Most successful product innovations in brand history 
  • 11.72M paid media impressions
    • Granola’s return on ad spend (ROAS): 13X
    • Truffle Thins’ return on ad spend (ROAS): 19X
  • 2,038,690,706 earned media impressions (UVPM) 
    • 61 total articles from January to March
  • Rich audience insights indicating creative most likely to drive conversions.

Granola: “Naturally Sweet Mornings. Using vibrant colors, natural elements, and morning sun/shadows, the creative deliverables offered optimistic, revitalizing, and natural tones. We saw video (specifically, both in-situ video and indulgent chocolate video) land well with our audience across all ad objectives.  Additionally, we learned that targeting an audience of clean label seekers outperformed a low-sugar audience.



Truffle Thins: Alter’d States.”  An homage to the chocolatey indulgence that leaves your tastebuds rejoicing, we leaned into a sensorial experience of melty, gooey chocolate, which resonated with our audiences. We implemented enough subtle motion to catch our audience’s attention, while still maintaining a satisfyingly slow chocolate melt. We saw different audiences resonate with our ads in different stages of the funnel; while health & wellness pioneers landed well in the awareness stage, it was a more eco-conscious audience that drove stronger clicks.