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Moms do a lot. From pick ups to drop offs, teaching to playing, and everything in between – it’s safe to say moms of all kinds could use a little pick me up. This Mother’s Day, ASPIRE healthy energy drinks supported mom by providing just the right amount of energy, so they could appreciate the funny and silly moments in parenting that might otherwise drive them nuts.

We achieved our campaign goals of high awareness, site traffic and sales through a cohesive digital and social campaign, including a robust influencer plan, unique promotion code, and exclusive giveaway. The “Her Natural Self” ASPIRE Mother’s Day campaign delivered on its promise to help moms thrive throughout their day with ASPIRE as their healthy energy ally.

A large component of this success lies within the use of influencers. Macro influencer Catherine Lowe (of The Bachelor nation) drove high awareness through an Instagram Reel, which saw a view rate 5x higher than ASPIRE owned content, and when shared as an awareness ad, drove the most impressions and a low CPM.

Mid-tier mom influencers @BabySideburns and @MommyShorts drove high engagement on their own feeds, reinforcing the strength of brand loyalty and use of brand advocates to promote the campaign.

Scary Mommy, an online community of moms, also ran a native article, email blast, and Instagram Story which garnered many views and drove users to the ASPIRE website for purchase.

With a strong brand message backed by a product that delivers on its promise for smooth, sustained energy, the “Her Natural Self” ASPIRE Mother’s Day Campaign is a great example of recognizing a target audience and delivering key messages through a tiered ecosystem, ultimately driving strong sales both in-store and online. Because after all, when moms feel energized, they can better appreciate life’s silly moments.